World War Three C.17.07.16

Forget about Climate Change, a world war will be the ticket to destroy humankind.

When you have anxious world leaders as in America and North Korea then from the slightest upset one of them will press the nuclear button.

It is the rest of us who wait in wonder. For most countries around the world we are all accessible should a strike occur from those war hungry countries.

It is all well and good to want peace but really is that what is happening amongst the threats.

North Korea has improved its range and aim while America awaits any excuse to exchange unfriendly fire. Meanwhile the rest of the world waits to take sides to defend themselves.

The non stop violence in the East will only give excuse to fold into any combat action.

Let us stamp out war and truly strive for peace. Some world leaders could really take a tip from the average person like you and me.

Happy Celeritism


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