Selfishness C.17.07.15

Selfishness has filtered throughout society. There are many people who are not selfish but sometimes this is over struck by an individual who shows no emotion.

We live in a vein world where we must have the biggest house, the best car and clothes bulging out of our wardrobe.

This mentality for wanting the best can often breed selfishness. It is easy to use someone without the slightest show of appreciation. It is almost animal instinct. But we should consider we have come a long way as a civilized world and remember to think of other people around us who contribute.

Selfishness occurs when a car takes two spaces in a crowded shopping center or taking that extra freebie which someone else in need would appreciate.

Selfishness comes in many shapes but sometimes we need to be reminded that this world works because we strive to make it work.

Next time you feel the urge to be selfish try a new a approach and don’t.

Happy Celeritism


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