Screaming Loud C.17.07.13

Have you noticed the loudest screamer is usually the guilty person? It often happens when something goes wrong, the trouble maker yells the loudest accusing everyone else but themselves.

The more I see it the more it makes me feel uncomfortable. A couple I know had an unusual relationship. The woman was always eyeing off every man she could and would often end up sleeping with the odd man here and there. The husband (from what I gathered) remained faithful. Having had enough the hubby told the wife it was probably time to split. The wife then became more attentive because while she was married she was financially secure. Eventually the wife went back to the wondering ways behind her husbands back. Having had enough he moved away from the home. It was six months later the husband found and fell in love with another woman. When the ex found out she screamed about being wronged. She told anyone who would listen how evil he was and that her ex was cheating on her (even though they were separated)

The noise the ex wife made was attention seeking. She seemed to have forgotten she was cheating on her ex while they were together.

This is a simple example but it happens in other incidents as well. The person who makes the trouble is the person who screams the most that trouble has been caused. As is the saying “It seems the woman, she complains too loud”. Meaning the loud complainer is probably the guilty party. And often a person can manipulate you into believing the predicament is all your fault – when it wasn’t

Happy Celeritism


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