Scratchy Wool C.17.07.12

This is an unusual subject but one which I found to be educational. The topic is scratchy wool sweater/jumpers/pullovers.

I have an expensive woollen sweater given to me as a gift. The quality is beyond words but unfortunately the soft feel of the wool is also scratchy against my skin.

I want to wear my new gift but I wondered how since to put it on means constant itching.

I think I found the answer. I decided to soak my sweater in tepid water with fabric softener for a couple of hours. After the soak I gently rinsed it without squeezing. I put out a towel and gently rolled it up to drain out the excessive water. I then put it out in the sun on a fresh towel so I could maintain the shape and let it dry.

It worked. My scratchy sweater is more comfortable. Not 100% but I think with a couple more rinses and wears it will be snug as a bug.

So if you have that scratchy sweater or scarf give it a soak in some fabric softener. Vinegar also works although I am not so keen about the light after scent from the vinegar rinse. Fabric softener on the other hand leaves a nice fresh smell.

Happy Celeritism


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