Community Structures C.17.07.07

We need structures in our society. It is the basis of structure which has allowed communities to thrive and prosper. There is no doubt over time the structures have been abused by leaders and individuals.

Community structures are important. Society needs a basic framework so as to function adequately.

There are some people to advocate to removing all power and rules. This in turn would create chaos.

There is always the element of governments being corrupt. It is very difficult to maintain an honest management. But as the world advances so does awareness and the need for improvement. We are on the course of a better community.

From the time of the ancients and the kings and queens to the wars and invasions structures have been the one thing that stabilizes society.

So as much as we complain about the way in which leaders operate, there is always room for improvement and these improvements are gradually surfacing.

Happy Celeritism


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