Reading Horoscopes C.17.06.26

Can they possibly be true – Horoscopes that is. My friend was desperate to read her stars for the day and so we both went to the Newsagency. While she went through the many magazines I stood looking at 5 different newspapers. I kept myself busy Looking up my stars from each of the five papers.

Horoscopes have always fascinated me and even more so when I read 5 different versions of myself for the same day.

One paper had me having luck all day long, the next said it would be better I didn’t go outside but instead stay home because everything was against me. The next paper had me meeting the perfect partner, while the next told me I would feel appreciated at work and the final one suggested that I should just hang in there because things will get better.

I stood back and decided the first paper said I would have luck all day and decided I would go with that.

Reading your Horoscope is definitely a challenge but in the end you and only you have the ultimate control over your life.

Happy Celeritism


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