Living on Mars C.17.06.24

Would you consider living on Mars? It is certainly an attractive proposition particularly for those people who find life on earth boring.

It would be an adventure to be had. Of course life would have to be in a dome type structure until a few atmospheric adjustments were made but with science advancing at the rate of a bullet train everything is possible.

It is speculated that eventually earth will be doomed either from humans themselves or because of a massive hit from random space rocks.

It is probably a good idea to prepare for eventual change and perhaps for many of us not in our life time – unless extending life is attained.

I think space exploration would be exciting and something future generations will get to enjoy. I have no doubt. I just hope that some wacko doesn’t start a genesis and god thing on the new planet and instead take a clean start with the recognition of science.

Let us raise a toast or glass to the future.

Happy Celeritism


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