Ology, Ism, Obia and so on C.17.06.23

These days when you express an opinion you have an ism, ology or an obia problem. There are so many phobias at the moment it is mind boggling. If you make a simple, obvious and logical comment about a happening like a terrorist attack or bombing and mention the religion behind it you are then labelled with an obia… It is ridiculous.

When is an opinion a phobia? If I have something to say about a destruction being steered by a religious group, then that is that. When an explosion is being blasted with the words of god then there is certainly an opinion to be had – and then claiming being offended from an opinion by the offending terrorist is ridiculous.

I have all the ologies, isms, obias you can think of because I agree with freedom of speech and this doesn’t make me racists or phobiatic or any of the ill given names because I have something to say. Stop saying opinions are offensive because

If you choose to make a problem for society then stand to be criticized for doing so And equally stop calling for apologies for calling out opinions because this offends those of us with an opinion.

Happy Celeritism


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