Perfume C.17.06.18

Heavy scents are becoming a thing of the past. Once upon a time perfume was used to disguise unpleasant body odours. It wasn’t until the idea of perfumes took as a social acceptance that it became the stylish thing to do.

Perfumes went through a heavy stage where attending a function you became intoxicated from the mixture of scents in the air. Now the smell of scents is becoming less obvious.

I remember years ago it was the norm to smell vibrant fragrances from bottled perfumes. Today I find a single perfume stands out.

The splashing of excessive perfumes is not limited to women; men too can become over taken with strong after shave potions.

Take walks around a shopping centre and observe how perfumes are becoming a thing of the past and it is about time.

Our natural body odour is more pleasant than the rich shock of perfume.

Happy Celeritism


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