London Fire C.17.06.17

There is no doubt the Grenfell Tower Fire was horrific. It is now implanted in my brain the vision of the burning building.

In this early stage it appears it was dodgy fire precautions and cheap unsuitable cosmetic building renovations.

Too many people’s lives have been affected and such a tragedy should never have happened. This begs to question how many other building are there standing unsuitably which is a ticking danger?

Safety first should be the priority for all government officials. Too often they spend their time wasted on petty stuff of no importance rather than the crucial things like peoples safety. I hope this has been a wake up call for London and that if there are any other dodgy buildings that they are taken care of – urgently.

The local government representatives have been flanked with complaints but I am rather amused by the Queen’s soapy message of condolences like it was one whipped out of a file rather than from her heart.

People’s lives matter and when danger has been recognised by residence it is time it is heard.

My heartfelt sad thoughts are with those people who have lost their lives, those struggling with injuries and the many people still with wrenched heart looking for their loved ones. I cannot begin to fully feel how you feel but I do feel for your pain.

Happy Celeritism


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