Changing World C.17.06.16

We are living in a changing world. Life 30 – 50 years ago was vastly different to what it is today.

It is incredible how amongst the extremes still existing today we have managed some basic improvements.

Equality has a long way to go but it has also achieved a lot over the years. Women have been treated less secondary to men and same sex partners are becoming acceptable in the wider community. And yet fifty years ago these two examples were not the case.

We should not have to fight for what should be our birth right and yet this is what we have had to do. Our generation must continue to pursue betterment for humanity.

On the subject of change it is also refreshing to witness the growth in science and reason. Many people are feeling less pressured to maintain a religious view on life and step outside the mythological past. It is understandable that without knowledge it is easy to believe mystical things. We live in an educated generation where if something does not have an answer it is because we have not advanced enough to answer it. This is better than handing the answer over to a mythological deity.

All in all we are clearing the dust and even though there is still some distance to go before we become a total equality, educated, loving and non violence civilized humanity we are at least heading in a good direction.

Happy Celeritism


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