Kindness C.17.06.15

Kindness is something which is not so common. Amongst family and close friends kindness can be abundant but what about strangers?

It is heart warming when you witness someone taking the time to help someone else especially when that person is random.

I watched this very act only yesterday. I was in line at the supermarket when the woman being served two customers in front of me had to remove a candy treat meant for her child because she didn’t have enough cash. Even I felt tempted to help but I was beaten by the woman in front of me who took the item and added it to her shopping bill. She then handed the candy treat to the mum who I thought was about to burst into tears, I know I was very close to tears myself. In appreciation the young woman gave the lady a huge hug.

This very simple act of kindness reminded me how we fail sometimes to help people. It was a simple act which only mounted to $1.50 but it had an enormous impact on those of us who witnessed it.

Kindness is about simple things and sometimes as simple as a smile can change a person’s world.

Happy Celeritism


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