Caution C.17.06.12

Do you live with caution? I can imagine that some people who live in terrorist fuelled areas are doing just that. Someone said to me on the weekend “wow London seems to be a dangerous place at the moment” and I can understand why.

Terrorism is causing caution and provided we don’t become paranoid then a little caution is good.

In this advanced developing world we are still being faced with fear and the origin of this fear is fuelled from religion. I don’t wish to enter the debate about what level of radicalism causes these troubles. What is obvious is that god is the bargaining chip based from a religious practice – radical or whatever.

We live in a time of caution. When we hear a loud bang or a crash our minds have been programmed to suspect the worse. I don’t care much for the correctness in approaching this subject but rather to say the obvious about the fear caused by the actions of god wheeling terror. We should not have to live with threat. Life is already challenging and there are enough obstacles without having to tread with massive caution.

Be smart; always be cautious – your life and your world could depend upon it.

Happy Celeritism


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