Evolutionary Expansions C.17.06.10

Our species has evolved over time from tree hugging to street walking. We now live in a time of evolutionary expansion with the guidance of science and technology.

The discovery of the famous DNA double helix back in the 1950’s opened many doors of possibilities. It has given scientists the access to better understand and improve many human conditions. It also has given access to adjust and fine tune some evolutionary misfires which in essence is an expression of expansion and modification.

The human condition is the result of evolution and we are the result of genetics making the best accurate selection.

We have the ability to make positive evolutionary expansions within our existing geno. I don’t think we can reconstruct who we are and I doubt we need to but we now have an insight to give evolution some help in making life better for those with genetic mishaps.

As time goes on and we become more knowledgeable about our genetics the more able we will be to make a few fine tuned improvements.

Happy Celeritism


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