Flattery C.17.06.08

Everyone loves a bit of flattery. I am one who responds well to something being said as a compliment to me.

Except how often is it when flattery is totally false. I hate it when shop assistants tell you how wonderful you look only to get home to find you look a drab.

Flattery is a compliment and should be delivered with sincerity. It is great to make people feel good but by making them feel good it is not nice to bend the obvious and make a fool of yourself.

Flattery can make someone feel better about themselves. Flattery can alter the emotion of one person to an audience.

I think it is important and in good taste to notice people and places but it is more so important to be sincere about your compliments.

Flattery can make someone feel great and at the same time make you feel good doing it.

Happy Celeritism


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