Sexual Interest C.17.06.07

It has occurred to me that not everyone wants sex. In fact there are a large proportion of both men and women who are happy to go about their lives free from sex. Some of you may think this to be strange but it is not.

We go through stages in our lives and depending on individual situations not everyone is on heat for sex.

This is an unusual topic but I was at a dinner party when this actual subject came up. There were 8 of us sharing the subject of sex.

When you go through certain times in your life sex is important but this is not the total focus of life. This is not about a partner. You can be married or be with a partner and simply find no inclination toward sex. Companionship is important, someone to share day to day with you but sex is not always a priority.

I recall reading some years ago the many marriages where the couples have separate bedrooms and some marriages who have never initiated sex. None of this is unusual we only think so because society says so.

Marriage, having a partner does not instantly mean sex but very often someone who will share your life and be with you. In many cases this is enough for a fulfilling life.

Truly there are other things in life to be enjoyed other than sex.

Happy Celeritism


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