Security Tactics for Schapelle C.17.05.29

I am not one for media sensationalism but I have to admire the security tactics employed by the Schapelle Corby crew. It is a wonder you cannot dismiss and definitely a well executed security system.

I don’t care for much of whether Schapelle is innocent or guilty; she has served time and deserves to get on with her life. Everyone has speculated how she will make money from her crime and that she craves the limelight. And yet it seems it is more about media marketing than anything else.

Schapelle made her entrance into Australia undetected and that does not seem like a person who is seeking sensationalism but rather one who is trying to escape it.

I wanted to express my admiration for the security tactic for Schapelle and the company responsible deserves the recognition for a job well done.

Happy Celeritism



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