Ancient Slavery C.17.05.28

It is hard to imagine a world of slavery and it makes us realize we have come a long way since ancient times. Slavery was the norm in many societies whether it was the black population in America to the Greeks who took women and children in time of war and made them slaves. The bible is full of stories accepting slavery.

Slavery was a commodity and used as currency in the ancient world but some people suggest slavery lives on and perhaps this is correct.

Freedom is a birth right and too often the strong take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

Modern day slavery occurs when one person takes hostage of another person for personal pleasure and this has been the case with young girls being stolen for sex pleasure.

No one has the right to hold another person hostage but sadly many young girls give themselves freely. The many teenagers who joined ISIS with promises attached of a filled future have found themselves trapped in slavery.

Slavery existed in ancient times but sadly in a milder form it still exists today. Stamp out slavery it is unacceptable back then and now.

Happy Celeritism


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