Everything is Invented C.17.05.26

It intrigues me how people become sparked when they learn that a word derives from something or the meaning of other things has an ancient origin.

The thing is everything has been invented by someone at some time. A word has an original meaning because someone made it that way. Even the concept of god was invented by someone probably the Ancient Egyptians. There is no miracle or mystery to life because everything has an inventor.

I watched as the concept of woman wearing black in front of the pope was a ruling but think about it. Obviously some misogynistic pope of the past invented that ruling. He wanted to place woman in a subservient position while raising his fame to imitate a god.

Equally the idea of ancient texts were invented or created by someone. Look at the bible it was written by a person, an average normal ancient person. The Hebrew language like all ancient languages was invented by someone and any long lost connection to the invented god was invented by someone.

Nothing in this invented world is mystical only being uncovered by someone thinking they are having a light bulb moment.

Everything in the world past and present has been invented by someone at some time even if it dates back thousands of years.

Happy Celeritism


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