Life of Crime C.17.05.23

We all have choices and those choices extend to the decision to live a life of crime or a straight forward existence.

Some people tend to spend their lives visiting court rooms, if not for traffic infringement notices it is some petty theft which swells into a criminal record.

There is no need for anyone to exist in the world of crime. We all have the ability to gain some self esteem by living a general life.

I have seen young kids go from high school to jail with very little world experience. It seems for some of them it is because of the company they keep and others because it is what is familiar to them from their family and friends.

A life of crime is not a very productive life. There may be the thrill of the achievement but once that novelty wears off there is only a dim future of repetitive bad choices.

People who live their lives in the criminal spotlight can choose to alter their direction. Sometimes it can be a caring stranger or even the self desire to do better.

A life of crime can be small or large but it is crime none the less. And as boring as the general life can be it is a more stable choice.

Think of your life and your world and choose wisely for you future and the future of your family.

Stay away from crime.

Happy Celeritism


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