Life in our Brain C.17.05.22

Our bodies with our arms and legs are only the vehicle to carry our brain. We see and live our life through our brain. When our brain dies our body are useless, we cannot operate without the instructions from our brain.

We are our brain. Our beauty is how we perceive ourselves and how other people see us through their comprehension triggered by their brain.

We are our brains and this is probably why when a person projects passion or shows interested through the eyes of the brain it is attractive.

Beauty is a projection and even if there is a straight forward look our brains will dissect and organise our thinking for acceptance or rejection.

What you really look like is something of a mystery because our brain has already established the boundaries of our existence.

You live your life through your brain and this is great because you can make the world around you the way you want to perceive it.

Happy Celeritism


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