Acceptance C.17.05.18

Is segregation acceptance? Does religious beliefs which cause a division an acceptable one?

I was reading about how in N.S.W. Australia the local council have installed privacy curtains at the public council pool. This installation is to accommodate the Muslim female community to swim in privacy.

Australia allows ethnic integration but when does it flow over to ethnic division in the name of religion?

I think this is bad news because it means there is a slow dictatorship appearing from religion.

In a public place like a council swimming pool such segregation is the essence of community division in the name of religion.

I have no issue with Muslims or their belief provided they keep it to themselves but once it overflows into creating a community division in what is suppose to be a diverse country where everyone should feel included not excluded then it is going backwards.

This reminds of me of ‘in the day’ when there was the exclusive men’s clubs where women were not allowed. We broke down that barrier of exclusiveness and opened the doors to women. Now we are revisiting the exclusive club system by encouraging the privacy area for women to swim. This is 2017 not 1945.

Councils should operate from a secular point of view not from religious instruction. And regardless of how convincing the female Muslim community put their voice forward it is still creating segregation and discrimination against other community members being males or non Muslim women.

This public act is the beginning of religious influence in the so called multicultural secular world.

Happy Celeritism


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