Theories C.17.05.13

Theories are just that – theories. Theories can come in different coats being from Conspiracy to Scientific. I suppose you could say anyone can offer a theory.

Generally in the scientific world theories are backed by a great deal of research but not completely concrete. Equally the conspiracy theorists go to great lengths to research their given interest.

In the end what is the difference? There isn’t. Every theorists, or for that matter, every person has the right to their theory whether it be researched or not.

In the end it comes down to the convincing argument and if you produce an interesting point or concept you will win followers.

I love exploring theories and I do try to keep an open mind and suppose that is the key – isn’t it – keeping an open mind.

Engage in theories regardless if they are scientifically proven or not but always maintain a certain amount of scepticism – this can be healthy.

Happy Celeritism


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