Value of Life C.17.05.09

Life is a challenge but the basics are manageable. In the western world we tend to have life rather well and sometimes forget we have it good.

The other day I sat glaring at a number of bills I had to pay and felt the normal panic attack of knowing I had to pay them. As I sat back I thought to myself if this is all I have to worry about then life is not so bad.

Some people live horrendous lives caught in war torn locations or suffering the aftermath of an accident or illness. I am not afflicted with any of this, just bills to pay.

We tend to overrate the value of life and think it must be made up of expensive housing, clothing and surplice things but in the end it is a matter of stability.

This is not about appreciating what we have, that has been badgered to death – no – this is about realizing the value of life can be simple.

The value of life is simple. It is important to note you have one life so make the most of it and don’t waste it stressing about silly things like paying bills or wanting stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Happy Celeritism


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