Driving Skills C.17.05.03

Motor vehicles are a standard and driving abilities more practiced. It is an evolving time of various types of driving skills. There are the cautious drivers, impatient drivers, fast drivers, and I don’t care drivers – oh and I think among them somewhere is the perfect driver.

Applying the rules of the road is interpreted many different ways but from any police officer pulling you over, they interpret their way – the rules.

I have discovered that if you stick to the speed limit and general road rules it is not only safer but much cheaper.

I have been in the situation of being road raged. As I have already said it is cheaper to stick to the speed limit but this often makes some people hostile. Some impatient drivers hate staying with the speed limit and if you chose to do so you get tail gated, melodised by horn blowing and general finger positioning (the nasty kind).

We all want to be safe so when you are in the car next consider other people on the road and if you are in a hurry don’t blame the person in front for observing the speed limit because they want to be safe.

Driving skills are about safety and we all want to live another day to complain about something.

Happy Celeritism


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