Names C.17.04.28

Our name is our identity. It is who we are by label but not what we are in form. In ancient times when you spoke a name you had taken its power. Your name was considered precious because it burnt into the core of who you were.

Today a name means you can be found on Facebook or traced for medical, political or personal.

There are many doubled up names and very often you can stumble across someone with the exact same name. This does not mean you live parallel lives what it means is your parents thought of the exact same name and just so happen to have the same surname.

A name is just a form of identity so companies can send you accounts to be paid or for banks to notify you of the money you don’t have. There is nothing mystical about names any more. It only serves badly if it is mistaken identity.

Enjoy who you are and the name you were given.

Happy Celeritism


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