Jelly Fish C.17.04.26

Jelly fish is an aquatic animal with a soft body and shaped like a bell. Jelly fish are found in the all the oceans.

This species is plankton and not a fish and has stinging nettles of which around 70 of the 2,000 known species can be fatal when in contact with people. The tentacle can still sting after it is separated from its body.

From fossil discovery it is understood the jelly fish is a species known to date back for more than 500 million years or longer being the oldest multi organ species.

The jelly fish come in various sizes from small to very large.

The box jelly fish has advanced vision with 24 eyes and is considered the most dangerous and venomous marine species. The sting can stop a person’s heart in about two minutes.

Caution should always be taken when swimming and sighting a jelly fish.

Happy Celeritism


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