The Future Today C.17.04.23

The future is quick becoming the normal of today. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and everything is changing. New advances are becoming old advances and old advances are becoming antiques.

From Cave Person to Technological Person we have advanced rapidly in the last 50 years. Before long even the youngest of us will be Grannies trying to keep up in the future.

I picture cars taking flights and airways becoming highways. Our brains will be equipped with communication equipment so the need for smart phones will be obsolete.

The prospect for the future is exciting and a little scary. I love advancements and I enjoyed progress but even I struggle sometimes to keep up.

So if you feel the same as me then you are not alone there are a lot of us including the teen generation of today who will be struggling to get a grasp of the speed of change.

I think the whole thing is exciting and as long as with all these changes our health system keeps us healthy to enjoy it – then I am ready.

Happy Celeritism


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