Childhood Parents C.17.04.19

Children who are parents are a challenge. There is a legal age for marriage but having a baby can happen at any age. Is it wrong? This is an interesting point because if we take a stroll back into antiquity, 12 year old mothers was the norm. Our society says they are too young and yet you and I would not be here today if not for our 12year old distant mother ancestors.

It is important authorities take an interest but when can that interest become devastating and life changing for young parents? Having a baby taken away before given a chance to prove anything with the promise of never seeing your baby is a bit harsh no matter the circumstances. This is real incidents which unfolded before Easter of a 14 year old dad and 15 year old mum.

Well being of a baby is important but it is equally important for a baby to emotionally bond with their parents.

Happy Celeritism


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