Good Friday C.17.04.14

This is a fascinating day when in most countries around the world businesses are closed. It is fascinating because this is a celebration of an event which supposedly occurred two thousand years ago of questionable activity.

It is tagged that a man named Jesus died on a cross and then miraculously rose from the dead three days later claiming to be god.

We live in a modern society of science and reason where many things can be explained and many ideas can be tagged to be false. And yet in this time of education so many people still believe a man can die and rise from death and to become no less than god. This really stretches the artistic imagination.

I was raised in a Catholic family, a strict one at that, and I have to say from as far back as I can remember I never believed such a fictional story. The whole thing is totally beyond the realm of logic. Some people may say god is not logic and if that is the case then I am happy to be where I am not being pulled into this belief.

I have read the bible and I have studied theology causing me more so than ever to see the faults in the writings.

I don’t like being treated like a fool and in saying that I do not celebrate a dead man rising to become god from 2,000 years ago.

Happy Celeritism


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