Rituals C.17.04.13

Mankind have embraced the concept of Rituals for thousands of years. Rituals can come in many forms from putting on the left shoe before the right one or making a good luck gesture before starting a game to participating in a church union.

There is no logical reason for the idea of rituals other than to bring about a confidence or unity to an individual or a group.

Rituals were and is a method bringing about camaraderie between people. In many tribe type locations rituals employ pain in the ceremony. These pain rituals can include major skin piercing, walking on hot coals to group lashings in the name of culture.

Rituals are observed by many people who don’t realise they are engaging in rituals. This could be in the simplest form of tapping your hand before driving your car for good luck.

Rituals as archaic as they are can serve as a comfort and group bonding provided they do not bring about pain or extortion for money.

Happy Celeritism


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