Titles C.17.04.12

Royalty have their titles and those who labour through studies also in a well rewarded way have titles. The question is what titles are deserved and what titles are simply showing off?

In my world I refuse to acknowledge royal or religious titles. Those people who rightfully earn a title as in a doctor or professor are entitled to their due. The title of Mr and Mrs is the recognition of a marriage and to me is adorned by every level of society.

Royalty is a reminder of the genocide committed by the forefathers taking lands and peoples in contraction to human rights. Therefore are not entitled to the privileges of today while so many people struggle to live an ordinary life. Equally with priestly titles because these are formed from a mythological past and only serve to demonstrate power over individuals as they part with their money.

Titles should be abolished and only those of humility like the marriage title of Mr and Mrs (provided there is no inequality to the understanding of marriage) and the earned of high studies or special circumstances of recognition should remain.

Happy Celeritism


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