Bad Manners C.17.04.11

Have you faced people displaying bad and horrid manners? Inconsideration is growing. Some people think they are the only person alive and ignore they live in a world where they have to at least acknowledge other people.

Travelling on a bus or taking a flight can be a hotbed of bad manners. Have you experienced being on a plane and the passenger behind you entertaining friends mid flight and having your head rest used as a leaning cushion? I have experienced this uncomfortable situation and to make it worse when you speak up and ask if they could please not lean on your chair they make you feel like a heel. Bad manners can happen everywhere.

Restaurants are another breeding ground for bad manners. Try having a treat night out with a friend while someone else’s child is pulling things off your table as the parents watch. I don’t have a problem with children but I do find trying to enjoy a meal and having a child grabbing something off my plate while parents watch as being disappointing. Some parents think this is cute; I call it bad manners particularly if the parents do nothing about it. If you try to stop the child you become accused of assaulting the child even moving a child’s hand from your plate can be taken the wrong way. Children running wild and knocking things over is not cutesy it is down right rude.

Supermarkets and trolley shoving, well I have had that happen to me twice – Impatient shoppers who would rather ram you than to ask to get past. Shopping is not a competition and there is no reward for doing it quickly, it is a time of peacefully selecting the products you wish to purchase but for some people it is an irritation if you stop to browse.

Bad manners are around you and I think if we all take the time to be considerate and to realize we need to live as a community then it is possible for harmony.

Happy Celeritism


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