Doubt C.17.04.08

Living with doubt can be troublesome. Uncertainty can play havoc on health. We live with limited certainty and this in turn brings about doubt.

Medically doubt can be very worrying, the not knowing if there is something to be concerned about.

Doubt can linger with a job, not knowing if you will be employed in times of struggle. Doubt is a constant emotion which can plague everyone regardless of circumstances.

We must in the time of doubt stop and realize what we do know so as to bring confidence in choices.

I doubt on many occasions from food being spoilt to not knowing or doubting a political outcome.

Many people live in doubt but it doesn’t mean we need to exist in uncertainty.

Doubt is a part of our existence, an emotion, so when you doubt your partner is being faithful remove the doubt by asking for an answer. Doubt can be shifted in many incidents and even though doubt may lead to pain and hurt it is always better to know.

Truth is always better than doubt.

Happy Celeritism


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