Old and New C.17.04.05

There tends to be a race to make everything old become new and then there is the longing for the old to be a part of the new. I am talking about home. All around me people are spending large amounts of money to make bigger and better homes which were in good condition to begin with. It seems a trend that anything showing its age must be upgraded and yet over a period of so many years the upgrades look back to being aged again.

I wonder how much money is sunk into renovations. It is always a great idea to freshen up a home and replace old with new but where does it stop. Kitchens and bathrooms understandably need refurbishing. Paint jobs are often a major necessity but what about the extravagant additions or inclusions which weight no practical need.

Bull doze a house and build a new is great to update but sometimes I see thousands of dollars poured into unnecessary works. I suppose if people have money to waste then that is okay but interestingly a neighbour spent a bucket load of money recently and it hasn’t paid off.

I think freshening and replacing is sensible but overdoing the old to make it over the top new can be sometimes too much particularly if you don’t have the budget.

One day everything will be demolished because that is what happens so in the meantime enjoy where you live.

Happy Celeritism


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