Mental Health C.17.04.01

Behavioural or Inheritant mental health is an issue. It is difficult for a person who does not suffer with mental issues to comprehend its depth. I am a person who struggles to understand and can only think to say – get over it. But it is much more than that. I watched as a friend with an ordinary life become extraordinarily different under certain situation. – Small things causing them to spin off.

Walking and talking has helped to calm down and readjust my friend’s state of mind and I understand this is a good preliminary start. There is little for someone like me to do to help but I have discovered a bit of time and walks are very comforting.

So as an initial way to help someone with mental health issues when you are stranded with ideas – try a bit of exercise like a walk and perhaps ease a bit of tension – it is a start.

Happy Celeritism


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