Titles C.17.03.27

It is the catchy title which draws my attention. I base a lot of my choices on a name. A name or title could be a product, a book, a TV program. We are an emotional species and our brain digests what we see and images and titles process our choices.

Names or titles which are not catchy tend to have a great marketing trail. This is very much the case with products like clothing and accessories.

I will reach for a book because of its title, the covering picture and the colour combinations. Most people don’t realize we do this subconsciously. The only reason why I would go directly for a certain book is because of its reputation mostly jockeyed along from marketing or word of mouth.

Titles are important. Much like a Doctorate or a Professorship tends to convince a person of their knowledge although knowledge is a fickle thing.

Titles play an important part in our lives. We gravitate toward words which resonate with our being.

Happy Celeritism


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