Luck C.17.03.26

Is there such thing as luck? I don’t think so. There are things and events that happen in life when you step back and see the picture are simply cause and affect. Luck is up there with magic and miracles they are the words used when a word lacks a situation.

Everything that can happen will happen much like Newtons Law.

The level of understanding we have of life is still limited. And luck is one of those things which seem more like magic.

It is not luck a person escapes an accident or luck when you win a prize. In those incidents alone you escape an accident because you were not in that place at that time and to win a prize you had to have been in the draw.

Luck is about a happening which because of surrounding events brought it to fruition. We make luck happen, we are in a position or a place at a time which coincides with the result making it luck. Sadly the opposite is also the case.

Luck is what you make, it is not magic it is a result of a chance or a desire or of hard work.

Enjoy your luck everyone deserves it now and then.

Happy Celeritism


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