Equality at Birth C.17.03.24

There is no such thing as equality at birth. This is because when you are born it is into a poor family, an average family or a wealthy family. So immediately at birth you are pinned by your parent’s circumstances.

Your circumstances at birth do not always dictate who you are capable of becoming. This is particularly so for those people born in poor circumstances. Everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives. Everyone also has the equal opportunity to be destructive with their lives and this can be so with those born in a wealthy family.

Wealth does not dictate ideals it only give you a weak or strong initial footing and how you use or abuse that footing remains up to you.

Wealth is a wonderful asset but it does not dictate your ambitions. Many people have attained remarkable achievements from poor circumstance. Equally some people who have been born with wealth have done the opposite and destroyed their ambitions from arrogance.

There is no equality at birth but at the same time that equality does not guarantee the path an individual will follow. In the end it is up to each and every person to make the most of life regardless of their initial circumstances.

Happy Celeritism


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