Brain Activity as We Age C.17.03.12

We are often told that young children have a greater capacity to learn than a mature adult. But is this so? It is obvious a child has to multitask and rapidly learn motor skills, language skills and educational skills.

Mature adults gain a huge portfolio of life’s skills and although the learning process is different I think the mature older adult still holds the capacity to learn – be it a language or a university subject.

I think regardless of your age you have the capacity to learn, to understand and to contribute in this fast moving society.

The young and the frivolous do not have the monopoly on learning skills. Knowledge is for everyone even for that great great gran or pa who is over 100. Keep learning and enjoy the knowledge uncovered.

Learning is fun and can be very rewarding regardless of your age. And yes there is a great deal of wisdom with age.

Happy Celeritism


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