What People Think C.17.03.07

Ignore what people think. That is That. I am tired of people telling me what they think. I am too fat, too thin – I dress wrong, my choices are bad. You should do this – do that. You must watch this – oh it goes on.  Enough!!

I was picking up shells on the beach last weekend. A woman stopped me and asked what I was doing. Umm picking up shells. She told me that was not nice because other people should be able to enjoy the shells too. I think I looked at her weirdly and went on my way and continued picking up shells. It is a fact that shells will be swept back into the ocean on the next high tide and very few would remain. And if I hadn’t picked up the shells then the woman further down the beach who was also picking up shells would instead.

I find it bad enough being told I wear the wrong clothes or certain colours don’t suit me when all I do is look in the wardrobe and take what I feel comfortable in for the day.

Some people need to control and some people – me – want to make my own choices.

So my advice today – don’t worry about what other people think, you go about your day the way you want.

Happy Celeritism


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