Wasteful Habits C.17.03.04

I am becoming increasingly more aware of waste – A habit I should have noticed earlier. Waste can occur with simple things like disposable bags – shampoo and conditioner – blue wettex. How can these simple things be wasteful? Easy.

I reuse disposable bags for garbage. I turn my shampoo and condition bottles upside down to make sure I get the last drop and as for blue wettex I only pull one sheet at a time rather than pulling out heaps in one go.

You can start being less wasteful with little things and then go from there. I have been more aware of the waste around me and I am managing to limit it more and more.

We do not have to live in a disposable world but rather in a careful and sensible way. I only buy foods I am sure I will eat and have lowered my food wastage enormously. I use items right to the finish rather than throwing away creams with a couple of days usage left.

In the process of my minimizing wasteful habits I have also began to save more money.

Be sensible – don’t be wasteful.

Happy Celeritism


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