Encourage or Discourage C.17.02.18

It is important today particularly with the young generation to encourage pursuits. A person whether it is a child or an adult can easily be discourage if someone suggest they cannot do something.
I have seen children being told by parents “You cannot do that” where I would think it should be a matter of “Yes you can do it just put your mind to it”.
Greatness has been achieved because of encouragement and many opportunities have been lost because of discouragement.
Keep this in mind.
When someone tells me something is impossible it is in my nature to go all out to prove it can be done. I hate defeatist.
So next time you are faced with a challenge – step back and say “Yes I can do this”.
And when you see a child struggling to achieve something, lean over and say “Yes you can do it….
Happy Celeritism


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