The Burqa Ban C.17.02.09

What are your thoughts on Burqa Ban? I can see both sides of the debate but I have to admit it is a thought to consider anyone can hide behind a veil. As for safety rather than religious concerns – I think I agree. This is not a racist or religious – ism thing it is a common sense thought.

The world has been rocketed by fanatical religious groups all in the name of their god so it is only the thinkable thing to do is to protect the majority. I think any catholic nuns in full gear should also be banned so you see I am not being biased just cautious.

Many people are becoming unnerved by those people who cover their identity. And it is a genuine concern. Women, Men and Children have been used to kill without respect.

So what do I think about the ban on burqa’s in public – well for public safety I think it is sensible. And lets face it the dress up charade of religion is really not necessary.

Let us turn this around, if you were to visit a Middle Eastern location you would be required to cover up at certain religious times like Ramadan. It is expected we observe the local culture so in return in our western location our culture should be observed as well.

I am not racist or phobia of any sort, but I am aware there are some very radical people around hiding behind their ideology. Believe what you like in your own private surrounding and respect the western society you live in by acknowledging the difference.

Happy Celeritism


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