The Definition of Woman C.17.02.08

The latest antic on the internet is the “Trump wants women to dress like women”. Okay so that is a mouth full.

What is the definition of a woman? Let us slide pass the obvious physical/scientific explanation and go straight to the look.

The dress code for a woman has been an evolution of fashion. From as far back as we can muster woman have always exhibited the feminine/pretty look but is that entirely true? We really don’t know.

Who set the trend that women wear dresses and men wear trousers? It is one of those inventions almost impossible to trace.

So let us get back to what defines a woman? In all fairness this is an open answer because women should not be bound to a certain trend.

In saying that it is nice to see a woman look womanly dressed but at the other end it is wonderful to see a woman feel who she really is regardless of the garments she wears.

So I think this is one area Trump should step back from and should he install a work dress code, well I suppose that is his prerogative.

Women around the world – dress how you feel and be comfortable and confident about whom you are.

Happy Celeritism


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