Clergy Abuse C.17.02.07

It is sickening to say the least but it is true. The clergy in Australia should hang their heads in shame. The figures are mind boggling of around 1880 victims reporting abuse. I say reported, there is probably much more. The abuse has come from not only priests but brothers and nuns.

Parents and victims alike are fighting for recognition of the abuse suffered and yet the Vatican refuses to cooperate by giving vital paper work to the justice system.

There are certain professions where feeling safe should be assured and yet at the top of that list is the clergy. And it is the clergy where they have abused their powers.

I am one for abolishing religion and its fear tactics. I think it is high time the population woke up to the realism of life and understand it is an exploration not exploitation.

Existence is a challenge, an adventure and a journey. There is much to learn and understand and certainly the old mythological thinking should be lodged into the history books from when humanity didn’t know better.

Be good be kind and most importantly be aware because life is a bit tricky.

Happy Celeritism


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