Politics and Religion C.17.02.05

It is the common thinking to say you should not talk about religion and politics. Ta ta, I think differently. It is important to verbalise your view regardless of who it offends. I dislike dancing around subjects when I have a firm opinion. This in turn offends people but really – why. I think their offence offensive to me – so there you go.

We must not be afraid to say what we think and it is not important if no one agrees.

I do not follow religions nor do I consider there is a god or creator and that is that. I consider the world needs a shake up of leaders because when there is the hint of war then there is something very wrong.

In order to make our world a better place it is important to contribute to the system. So no politics and religion are not off the table but rather a very intricate part of the fabric of life.

Happy Celeritism


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