The Narmer Palette D.17.02.04

There is an artefact known as the Narmer Palette. The Narmer Palette is one of the oldest and most important historical artefacts from ancient Egypt. It dates back to around 3100 BCE.

At the beginning of the old kingdom some scholars believe that the Narmer Palette represented the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. They consider it represented the founding of Egypt as a unified kingdom under the pharaoh.

It is called the Narmer Palette because first of all it’s a palette. It is a stone plate with inscriptions and carvings on both sides. Palettes were usually used to grind ceramics, although this one seems to be a little too large for that and it may have had a ceremonial function.

The important thing about the Narmer Palette is that it shows Pharaoh Narmer, who is probably the pharaoh who first unified Upper and Lower Egypt. He is seen on the front side of the Narmer Palette and he is wearing the crown of Upper Egypt.

It appears he is about to hit someone with a club. In this it is demonstrating the power of the pharaoh based on force. It is a symbolic representation that shows the power of the pharaoh.

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