Shakespeare C.17.02.04

Are you a Shakespeare buff? I don’t mind the romantic tongue in cheek story teller. I do however am amused at the many theories about his actual existence. On a London trip many years ago I visited the childhood home of William Shakespeare and in all the hype I purchased an expensive gold embossed edition of his works.

By all appearances from his hometown he did exist – but who knows. Stories sell and William Shakespeare was a famous author of the past.

The question of this English Bard’s authorship continues to amuse many scholars. Many folk have wondered how a humble man from the countryside entered the literary world.

Conspiracy theorists suggest he was a ghost-writer or actually Sir Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford or even Christopher Marlowe, another playwright from the same era.

It is a fascinating puzzle and one which will continue to enchant the literary world.

Happy Celeritism


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