Paranoia C.17.01.30

Paranoid behaviour is increasing. It is increasing because people can be tracked and traced. Facebook has opened a floodgate of invasion to privacy and this in turn – like a lot of social media has caused over caution.

Contact information has become protective and yet things like email address sharing some people over worry. Yes, there is the threat of spam and viruses but these can happen regardless. The best solution for this is a great anti- virus program.

But let us get back to general paranoia.

There is an over attention to what foods we eat and what is good and not good for us. It you flick back over recent history you will easily come across most things are not good for you.

I was reading an article from years ago where it claimed white sugar was very bad for you. Well we can decide to live in a bubble wrap world or we can gradually pull ourselves out of being paranoid about everything.

I think if someone was really desperate to find you then hiding your email information is a waste of time. If you are seriously going to die from eating food you dropped on the ground then perhaps there is a bigger health issue at stake.

We are in an advancing society and I am sure being paranoid about things can only bring upon stress and a very unhappy life.

Live knowing everything is far from perfect and then you will learn to live perfectly in the crazy world around us.

Happy Celeritism


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